How to Burn a DVD Free & Fast

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Summary: It is interesting to burn a DVD according to one's own preference to record all the fantastic movies or unforgettable moments. So how to burn a DVD? With the help of the DVDFab DVD Creator, your dream will come true.

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What does it mean to burn a DVD? Which software is used to burn DVD? Actually, there are numerous ways to burn a DVD. Based on your need, you can burn a DVD from YouTube videos, you can burn a DVD to a blank disc, a folder, or an ISO image file. No matter your source is a DVD movie, a DVD disc, or a DVD folder,  it is always possible to burn DVDs. 

So if you are looking to:

  • Burn a DVD movie from videos for home play or personal use
  • Burn DVD movies from DVDs, be it a disc, an ISO file, or a folder

As for where to burn a DVD and how to burn a DVD free and fast, you shall never miss out on such a post. Let's dive into it right now!


1. How to Burn a DVD Movie Using Windows 10

As a Windows 10 user, how to burn a DVD movie just on your computer without any help from a third-party tool? Before knowing the answer to burning DVD movies, I want to tell you that it is possible to burn a DVD using Windows 10. But there is a condition that your DVDs must be homemade. So if you have a homemade DVD, just burn it following the steps below.

Steps on burning a DVD on Windows 10:

  • Insert your homemade DVD into the optical drive
  • Copy the DVD files to a new folder on your computer
  • Replace the homemade DVD in the optical drive with a blank DVD
  • Follow the notice of “Burn files to disc” on your screen
  • Select either “copy a homemade DVD to a USB flash drive” or “a CD/DVD player”
  • Click the “Next” and drag your files into the blank disc window
  • Choose the option of “Manage” from the top of the windows and click “Finish burning”

Note: Choose “a USB flash drive” and you can burn your DVD repeatedly to portable devices like a smartphone. However, files output in this way may be not available on some CD or DVD players connected with your TV or home stereo. To avoid this situation, you can choose another option of “a CD/DVD player”.

Thus, think twice before burning movies to DVD with this free DVD burning program. Any other nice solutions to burn movie DVDs? Move on to the next part. 

2. How to Burn a DVD Free & Fast with DVD Copy Software

Besides copying DVDs on Windows, there are also movie lovers who want to burn a DVD movie free and fast. Then members in this community need the help of a third-party program like DVDFab DVD Copy or DVD Creator software. Let's check it one by one.

As the leading DVD Copy software to copy DVDs in lossless quality, DVDFab DVD Copy is compatible with both Mac and Windows. It can burn a blank DVD disc, a DVD folder, or an ISO image file for free. When you burn a DVD movie with DVDFab DVD Copy, there are six copy modes provided to customize the output DVD movie. The 6 copy modes are Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Clone/Burn, and Split.

  • Full Disc: copy the whole DVD disc
  • Main Movie: copy the main movie title
  • Split: split one DVD into two
  • Merge: merge two or more DVDs into one
  • Clone/Burn: copy DVDs without loss of quality
  • Customize: copy DVDs based on personal style

How to Burn a DVD to a Blank Disc

Now, let me show you how to burn a DVD to another DVD with DVDFab DVD Copy. Read now to master how to burn movies to DVD for free in easy clicks.

  • Download and install DVDFab DVD Copy

Free download and run DVDFab 12.

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

DVDFab DVD Copy is part of DVDFab 12. So after you finish installing DVDFab 12, click the module of “Copy” on the top. Then load your file from the “+” icon. If your source is a DVD disc, remember to insert it into an optical drive first.

  • Select one copy mode and output size

Now, it is time to select one copy mode. As mentioned above, there are six copy modes, so make a decision based on your actual needs. Then, on the interface of this software, you will see a “wrench” icon among the basic information part. Click the “Advanced Settings” icon and choose DVD5 or DVD9 to output your file if you want to burn a DVD to a blank DVD.

  • Choose output destination

As illustrated below, there are three output destinations provided for you to burn DVDs. If you want to burn a DVD to another DVD, click the option of “Disc”. If you want to save the copied file as a Folder or an ISO image file, click the other two options. At last, tap the button “Start” and waiting for your copied DVD.

If you aim to remove DVD copy protection, this best DVD Copy software will give you a favor.

3. How to Burn Movies to DVD with DVDFab DVD Creator 

If you anticipate burning movies to DVD, for example, burn a DVD from YouTube videos, you should download YouTube videos first. Then how to download a video from YouTube? I think DVDFab YouTube Downloader will be of great help. Get DVDFab Video Downloader launched in your Windows and Mac. By the way, it is also compatible with Android.

Once your YouTube videos are downloaded, it's time to burn DVD movies with the DVDFab DVD Creator, the best DVD Creator software to make professional-looking homemade DVDs. Before knowing how to burn a movie to DVD, let's take a look at the feature highlights that drive this program to be an industry leader.

  • Create DVD disc/ISO/folder from any video format
  • Customize output DVDs via professional DVD menu, built-in templates, and gadgets
  • Support all DVD disc formats (DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL)
  • Hardware acceleration enabling fast DVD burning process
  • Burn standard DVDs with lossless quality from digital videos
  • Available on Windows and Mac, free download

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Now refer to this simple guideline on how to burn a movie to DVD. If you have downloaded movies from YouTube, then use this DVD maker to burn your own DVD movies for home play.

  • Free download and launch DVDFab DVD Creator
  • Load video source to the DVD maker

Click the +Add button or take advantage of the drag and drop button feature.

  • Customize output DVD via Advanced Settings and Menu Maker

For the Advanced Settings, set the output parameters as you like.

For the Menu Maker, choose your desired menu templates and make it personalized via gadgets and other settings.

  • Start to burn DVD movies

Set the file directory and click the Start button to burn DVD movies free and fast. If you are looking for other DVD burning software for Windows 10, go on to read through this post.


How to burn a DVD on Windows 10 or Mac? How to burn a DVD to another DVD and how to burn a DVD from YouTube? For all these questions, there are the best solutions. Just read this article carefully and ask DVDFab DVD Copy for help.

1. Convert DVDs to AAC, MP3, MP4, MKV, AVI, and etc.
2. Support all the popular smartphones, tablets, and etc.
3. Freely customize the output audio & video parameters.
4. Robust editing features like cropping, trimming, and etc.

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