How to access the shared folder on Windows from the Movie Server?

2020-05-28 04:30:46

DVDFab Movie Server allows users to access the shared folder on your PC by adding the SAMBA service based Windows Network. Following are the tips on how to do that.


Setting up and accessing an SMB share (Windows 7)


Step 1 > Open up Windows Explorer and expand the Local Disk C: and navigate to the folder that you would like to share with a specific user. Right-click on the folder that you would like to share and choose Properties



Step 2 > Click on the Sharing TAB and then click on Advanced Sharing.



Step 3 > Place a checkmark beside “Share this folder” and click on Permsisions.



Step 5 > By default Everyone has read access to this share, remove the checkmark beside Read, we don’t want anyone outside of the user we specify to have access to this folder. Click on Add to add a new user.



Step 5 > Type in the user that you would like to have access to this folder. My username is Default, then click on Check Names and click on OK.



Step 6 > Your user will be added to the permissions, click on it to select it and give it Change and Read permissions by placing two checkmarks.



Step 7 > Click on OK to close this Window.



Step 8 > You are done setting up your SMB share on your network, note the Network Path in the screenshot below we will need it later.



Adding the Windows Network Share

Step 1 > Go to the Local Videos > Add Network > Choose Windows Network (SMB);

Step 2 > Type in your IP address, Shared Folder name (the folder which is shared), user name and password;



Step 3 > Press the Connect button to add the network share.