How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3?

2021-09-01 22:10:57

Founded in 2005, YouTube became the world’s largest online video streaming platform. While it’s similar to global cable TV programs, it’s also the second largest search engine after Google. Every day, people from around the world watch nearly 1 billion hours of YouTube videos. Based on this number, it’s enough to tell how popular YouTube is globally.

YouTube resolutions vary such as Full HD, 4K etc. Sound quality varies too. And sometimes, we want to either keep that great sound quality or convert to a better one. There are many tools on the web to achieve this. But some aren’t safe or reliable.

So, if you’re looking to convert YouTube videos to MP3 safely and quickly, then this article will tell you a reliable solution.

Part 1: The Recommended Tool to Convert YouTube to MP3

The recommended tool to convert YouTube videos to MP3 is DVDFab YouTube to MP3, an all-in-one solution for Blu-rays and DVDs. First, download the software: DVDFab YouTube to MP3 for Windows or DVDFab YouTube to MP3 for Mac. After downloading the software, open the application and you’ll be at the home screen as shown below:


Part 2: DVDFab YouTube to MP3: Free vs Pro

In this part we will be comparing the Free and Pro version of the DVDFab YouTube to MP3 converter and downloader. This comparison will tell you about the features of both the versions and the limitations of free version.

Part 2.1: DVDFab YouTube to MP3 Free Version

Here are the features of the free version. Download a single video as MP3 at a time. This feature remains free.

1. Download a maximum of 5 files from a YouTube playlist.

2. Download a maximum of 5 files with VIP speed.

3. Doesn’t support multi-task download.

4. Downloads metadata from 5 files.

5. Doesn’t support auto-download subscriptions.

Despite it being a free YouTube to MP3 converter and downloader, it’s still quite useful. However, compared to the full version, it has its limits such as the inability to download a whole playlist, multiple files simultaneously etc. But at least, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 doesn’t force you to upgrade to paid version unlike other similar software which cease to work once their limits gets reached.

Part 2.2: DVDFab YouTube to MP3 Pro Version

The Pro version doesn’t have any limits that are mentioned above in the Free version. Let’s check its functions in a detailed manner.

1. Playlist Download

A playlist is a collection of multiple songs. For YouTube, playlists are different from single videos and they also have unique YouTube links. You only need the unique link of the playlist or the YouTube channel. This link can be copied from the address bar of a computer’s web browser.

Such links will appear in your browser’s address bar when you visit a YouTube channel or a playlist. Another good feature of this tool is, while downloading a YouTube playlist you’re allowed to de-select songs so that you don’t need to download the entire playlist. This will save your time and network data. This playlist downloading feature is highly unique and we bet that you won’t find similar functionality in web-based YouTube video to MP3 converter services.

2. Multi-Task Download

This function lets you download and convert multiple YouTube videos to MP3 simultaneously. This feature isn’t available in the Free version and you can download only a single video as MP3 at once. But in the Pro version there are no such limits. You are required to paste videos links one-by-one in the DVDFab YouTube to MP3 software tool and it will download all the files simultaneously.

3. Download Metadata

Metadata is the internal information stored within the MP3 file. This metadata contains the information about song’s singer, date of release, cover art, official title. And after conversion this information is properly retained within the MP3 file. Now whenever you play this converted file on other devices, then all the metadata information will be there. The media players will display a cover art for that particular song and you can check other info too by going to the song’s info. Please note that this feature is limited to 5 files only in the free version while the Pro version has no limits.

Part 3: DVDFab YouTube to MP3: Detailed Tutorial on How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

In this part we are presenting a detailed tutorial for the DVDFab YouTube to MP3 which will cover all the functionalities. We have already told you about downloading and installing this tool. You can check part 1 above if you want to learn the download and installation procedure again. After downloading and installing the software you are required to follow the steps below in order to see the working of this wonderful software.

Part 3.1: Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

In the free version, you are limited to converting one YouTube video to MP3. In the Pro version, however, you can simultaneously convert YouTube videos to MP3 using 'turbo' speed. 

Step 1: Open DVDFab YouTube to MP3 and click the YouTube tab. This redirects you to YouTube.

Step 2:  Clickon a YouTube video, and you will see a yellow bar ‘Analysing the video…’ pop up at the top. After, three tabs should appear: ‘+Add to’, ‘Play’, and ‘Download’. Hover your mouse over the ‘Download’ button and press ‘Audio Only’ to download the video’s audio to a MP3 file.

Step 3: Choose your audio quality. If you adjusted your default download audio settings beforehand, this option won’t appear. After choosing your audio quality, press download.

Step 4: Your audio file will start downloading under the ‘My Music’ tab. Turn on ‘Turbo Speed’ for faster downloading speed.


After the download finishes, it will appear in the ‘Music’ tab in the ‘Downloads’ section.

Step 6: If you want to download another YouTube video as MP3, follow steps 1-4 again in the software. The second video will simultaneously be downloaded as MP3. You can download multiple videos as MP3 this way but only in Pro version.

Step 7: Once the YouTube to MP3 conversion and download gets finished, you can access the converted files by first clicking on the ‘Music’ tab in the ‘Downloads’ section. Then click the three dots beside your file and press ‘Open Containing Folder’ to locate your file on your computer. 

Part 3.2: Converting an Entire YouTube Playlist to MP3

In addition to converting YouTube videos to MP3, you can convert an entire YouTube playlist. As we told you earlier, you may not find a function like this in other similar offline software and web-based converters. Apart from downloading entire playlists you are also free to select or de-select songs of your choice. Let’s check the tutorial below.

Step 1: First go to YouTube and search for your favorite playlist. Keep in mind that it has to be in a “mix” format to work. Refer to the screenshot below.

Step 2: Once you have the playlist open, hover your mouse over the ‘Download’ button at the top and press ‘Playlist.’.

Step 3: Select which songs you want to download from the playlist and change its downloaded quality if you wish. After, press download and your selected songs will be downloading underneath the ‘My Music’ tab in the ‘Downloads’ section.

Step 4: Double click the downloading playlist to see the individual song download progress.

Step 6: When all the songs get downloaded then click the ‘Music’ tab to see the files. Click the ‘…’ icon under ‘operate’ to locate these files. By downloading a playlist, you will automatically create a saved playlist under the ‘Saved Playlists’ on the side.


Convert Youtube videos to MP3 has never beeen so easy. Get your free download at DVDFab YouTube to MP3 and start getting quality MP3s.  DVDFab YouTube to MP3 converter comes with advanced features that aren’t easily available in other similar software. It is an extremely good choice for occasional and heavy users. Occasional users can prefer the Free version and can download as many YouTube videos to MP3, but up to 5 files for a playlist. While heavy users will benefit from the Pro version which has advanced playlists download function and simultaneous download feature.

However, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 can also download videos. Check our how to download videos with DVDFab Video Converter to see how you can download videos from YouTube and 200 more websites. For Facebook, we specifically covered how to download videos off Facebook.

① Download online music from YouTube and other 1000+ sites
② Choose your preferred audio quality to download, up to 320 kbps
③ Download entire playlist instead of downloading one by one
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