How to Do A P2V Copy with DVDFab PC Backup?

2017-08-04 02:13:50

P2V Copy, short for Physical-to-Virtual Copy, is a term that refers to the migration of hard drivers from the physical computer to a virtual machine. It is often used to consolidate servers.

DVDFab PC Backup, as a full-feature PC backup and recovery solution to keep your PC safe, also provides the P2V service for users. It can create a virtual machine without backup or recovery to transferring the OS, application programs, files and other sorts of data from your physical computer to the virtual machine.And you can never image how easily the process is with DVDFab.

Next, move on for the details about how to do a P2V copy with this P2V copy software.


Step 1: Complete the installation of DVDFab PC Backup

For users who haven't got one DVDFab PC Backup, download one either from the download page or the product page. And then install it just following the wizard. If you have done this, skip this step.


Step 2: Run DVDFab PC Backup, and choose P2V from Tools

Run DVDFab PC Backup. When it runs, move to the upper right part of the main window, and click the Tools button to unfold all the service DVDFab provides. Among all the available options, choose P2V Copy by clicking the related icon.



Step 3: Select what you want to migrate and make settings for the vital machine

All hard disks of your computer has been scanned and listed as you selecting P2V Copy to bring out the related operation window. Notice that, the system drive (usually is the boot disk) has been selected by default and can't be checked off. You can check other disks with the data you want to transfer to the virtual machine.

Then, move down, specify the destination either in the local disk or Network directory, for saving the virtual machine. Following, configure the virtual machine by setting a name for it, choosing a software vendor and version from the provided choices.


Step 4: Start the P2V Copy

All things get ready. Now, start the P2V Copy from triggering the Proceed button with a mouse click. It will be finished in minutes. During this process, you will get detailed progress information, and you can also set your computer to automatically shut down when the task is done!


OK, that's all! You can see, the whole process is just so simple and quick. Now, it's your turn to take a P2V copy trip!

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