How to Download Netflix on Mac Easily

2021-09-01 22:10:57

Though Netflix has been used by more than one billion people on earth who have Apple devices on hand, many many people are surprised to find out that it is easy to download Netflix shows and movies to iPad or iPhone for offline watching, but not to the Mac. That’s because no Netflix app is provided for Mac. Hence, to download Netflix shows on Mac, a less straightforward way is needed.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is the world’s biggest entertainment and media service-provider on the planet. Countless people regard it a good place for the most engaging shows, series, and movies, of course. As you may have already noticed that Netflix promises a clean, seamless, and simple-to-follow interface for people. Whether the latest episodes your prefer or the most hit movies, you can easily find them all. And do you have kids at home because of the coronavirus? Are you afraid of that they are over watching? Easy. Netflix allows you to add restrictions by modifying the age range or putting a pin number, setting up settings for your children, and limiting series and movies to be shown.

How to download Netflix shows on Mac?

Speaking of downloading Netflix on Mac for offline video watching, we need, as we have mentioned earlier, a less straightforward way, which means that third-party software is required. It is called DVDFab Video Downloader.

What does this Netflix video downloader can do?

There are a bunch of reasons for us to recommend this Netflix video downloader for you. And we would like to explain to them one by one to you.

DVDFab Video Downloader, compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, is a user-oriented and simple-to-master software for the beginners as well as the experts. Almost no professional knowledge is needed to use it. Though easy to use, it doesn’t mean that this software provides nothing for people. On the contrary, quite a number of features are offered.

  • More than 1000 websites are available

The more social websites available, the more videos you can enjoy. DVDFab Video Downloader lets you download videos, movies, and shows from more than 1000 websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Pornhub, etc. To put it simply, all the video-watching platforms are on your hand with it.

  • High-quality download and fast speed

Video resolution and downloading speed all play a role while downloading. These two things can easily influence your mood when you are downloading and watching a video. Luckily, with this best video downloader software for Netflix on your hand, no need to put up with poor-quality videos or waste your time for downloading.

  • Automatic Download from subscribed YouTube channel

As you know, this video downloader also supports YouTube. If you have subscribed to some channels of YouTube, you will never miss out on anything new uploaded. Because this downloader will help you automatically download them.

  • Download entire playlist

Are you getting tired of downloading your preferred shows one by one? If so, then you definitely need to try it to download Netflix shows on Mac by taking advantage of its playlist downloading feature.

How to download Netflix shows on Mac with it?

After grabbing so many features of this best video downloader software of Netflix, let’s move on and explore the steps to use it. Only a few clicks are needed to download Netflix shows on Mac.

Step 1: Equip your Mac with DVDFab Video Downloader

To use this tool on Mac, the first thing is to click the downloading button and install it on your device by following its instructions.

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Note: Click its desktop icon for two times to run it after installation.

Step 2: Set up this software

Before trying to download Netflix shows on Mac, you can set up this software first. While starting it, please head to the right upper side to click the settings button and tap on the first choice. As a result, a setting panel shows up where you can do settings like changing the language, decide what to do when close the window, or the downloaded video directory, etc.

Step 3: Run the Netflix downloader and search your wanted video

Utilize the built-in explore and input the address of Netflix onto the “Search or visit a website” bar. And then press “Enter” to the next downloading interface.

Step 4: Select a video quality

Tap on that inverted arrow button to start the downloading process. But before the downloading process actually starts, you need to select video quality.

There is the other method. Head to the +Paste URL button on the left pan and then copy and paste a movie URL of Netflix on it. It should be noted that this method allows you to achieve a batch of downloading which is simple to be realized. Just copy and paste all your desired video URLs here line by line. Don’t forget to opt for a video quality you like.

Step 5: Start the downloading process

The Netflix video(s) will start to be downloaded immediately as soon as you press down that download button. If you want to check out its downloading process, please head to the left column and click the Downloading option. This is how you can see the downloading process. As a reminder, make sure that the Turbo-speed button is on to obtain a fast downloading speed.


The whole steps of downloading Netflix videos on Mac with this best free video downloader are finished explaining. Have you found it easy and simple-to-follow? If this happens to be what you need, then it’s time to take action and explore it. If you still want to grab more information about downloading video streams on Mac, you can click here.

① Download online videos from YouTube and other 1000+ sites
② Choose your preferred resolution to download, up to 8K
③ Download entire playlist instead of downloading one by one
④ Support turbo-speed feature to download 10X faster
⑤ Download the metadata information to go with the videos