How to Download Music from YouTube on Mac

2021-09-01 22:10:57

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1.     Best Free YouTube Music Downloader in 2020

2.     Download YouTube Music Free on Mac Right Now! 

3.     FAQ: Can I Download YouTube Music on Mobile Phone?

Are you a frequent visitor to YouTube? As we all known, artists and singer would release their new songs and titles on YouTube, so YouTube music channel can be a good place to keep track of newest titles and trends. But, one biggest issue is that you can only listen and browse its content online, there isn’t a button for you to download it. Then how could you download music from YouTube?

Don’t worry, we got you covered! In this article, we would introduce one best free YouTube music downloader in 2020 for you to download music titles of your favourite singers for free and without limits!

1.     Best Free YouTube Music Downloader for Mac in 2020

For most YouTube visitors, sometimes they have to frequently visit one page for listening or viewing one music titles, which makes it much inconvenient if you are not WIFI connected. So, we’d better find one way to download it for offline playback, then you could do your things while listening those music titles. Isn’t that great when you go out for a jogging while listening to the music you like? Actually, the method to achieve that is much simple: a free YouTube music downloader for Mac could do that easily.

DVDFab YouTube to MP3 for Mac is such a professional yet free YouTube music downloader for Mac, with it, you could download YouTube music on Mac easily without any limitation. Besides, it could help you to batch download music titles, convert video to MP3 format, as well as download playlists directly. Check for some of its best features below:

1)     Download a Single Music or a Playlist

Maybe copy and paste the URL of one music won’t seem to be much troublesome with this best YouTube music downloader for mac, however, if you got 100 music titles to download? Then that must be a pain in the neck to copy and paste the 100 URLs one by one. Don’t worry, this best YouTube music downloader could help you to batch download the music by pasting a URL .txt file or directly downloading the YouTube playlist you created on your account.

2)     Download Metadata for Music Automatically

Want to save the artist, cover, title information on your music file? Got it! There is a great feature about this Free YouTube music downloader to download the metadata of music automatically, therefore when you play it on your laptop or mobile phones, it could retain all the info regarding cover art, artist, title, release date, etc. Cool feature to have! 

3)     Convert Music MV Videos to MP3

Sometimes, you might discover that the favorite titles only have MV videos, how could you download it as MP3 to listen on your phone? One great thing about this YouTube music downloader could convert online YouTube videos in to the format of MP3 files with super high quality. That way, you could convert your favorite MVs into MP3 and listen it on your phone offline while jogging, walking, doing chores and other things.

2.     Download YouTube Music on Mac Right Now! 

In order to get a clearer picture on how to download YouTube music with this best YouTube music downloader for Mac, we’ve written a specific detailed tutorial for you to understand each step.

Steps on how to Download YouTube Music on Mac:

Step 1: Best YouTube Music Downloader Installation

Install this Best YouTube Music Downloader software on your Mac by clicking the below button. After successful installation, double click to launch it, please be noted that it is also compatible with Windows operating system.

 i  Download Now     i  Download Now   

Step 2: Browse YouTube and Find the Target Music 

After launching this YouTube Music Downloader, you would a main page composed of popular websites including YouTube, hit the YouTube button to open the its website within this built-in browser, then login to your account. You could downloader a single song or a playlist, just find the target music titles that you’d like to download. You could refer to the following 3 method to locate the music titles:

Method 1: Through built-in browser, it enables you to directly browse the website of YouTube, then you could search to find the music titles that you’d like to download.

Method 2: Copy and paste the URL of the original page into the search bar of this YouTube music downloader. Then, the video or music on that page shall be analyzed automatically.

Method 3: Try the feature of Paste URL. You could paste multiple URLs all together or upload a .txt file composed of video URLs in order to batch download YouTube music titles or videos.

Step 3: Download YouTube Music Right Now!

After successful analysis of the music titles and the URLs, there would appear a Download button, click it and then choose to download Music, remember to select the audio quality you want from Super Quality, High Quality or Standard Quality. After all set, just click start to download your favorite YouTube music!

Voila! Now you’ve grasped the key steps to download YouTube music in a batch downloading manner and quick speed powered by Turbo speed feature.

3.   FAQ: Can I Download YouTube Music on Mobile Phone?

There is a frequently asked question about how to download YouTube music on the mobile phone, if you are also trying to find the answer as it is more convenient to browse YouTube on mobile phones nowadays, then this last FAQ is right prepared for you. 

For most time, people use their mobile phone rather than laptop to browse YouTube, so we’d better find a good way to download YouTube content just on the phone. If you ask, is there a similar YouTube video or music downloader for mobile phone? Yes, it does have one. 

DVDFab has launched its YouTube video and music downloader for mobile phone for a long time to deliver better service and convenience for the users. Here it is, if you really need one YouTube downloader for mobile phone, why not give it a shot as it is free to download videos and music from YouTube. Most amazingly, just like the YouTube music downloader for Mac, this mobile YouTube downloader could also achieve the function of batch downloading.

Scan to get the APK to install

   Download Now  

Voila! That’s all about today’s tutorial regarding how to download music from YouTube on Mac as well as the best YouTube video & music downloader for mobile phone. If you also want to download videos from other popular websites like Facebook or Dailymotion and more, you could read this article: how to download videos from Dailymotion.

① Download online music from YouTube and other 1000+ sites
② Choose your preferred audio quality to download, up to 320 kbps
③ Download entire playlist instead of downloading one by one
④ Support turbo-speed feature to download 10X faster
⑤ Download the metadata information to go with the music files