How to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone with DVDFab Downloader for Mobile?

2021-09-01 22:10:57

YouTube videos attract numerous users, from the teenager to the senior, by providing enormous source of entertainment. People are used to watching videos from YouTube to relief ourselves after a long day. I am sure you are one of them. But one thing can be so frustrated, which is, you cannot download YouTube videos to your iPhone. Because of this, you have to make sure that there are stable signals to watch online videos or you are unable to watch favorite videos whenever you want. So how to download YouTube videos to iPhone? Is there any solution for this? Well, an expert video downloader can help you out of this. And that’s when DVDFab Downloader for Mobile starts to play its role.


Step 1 – Download and install DVDFab Downloader for Mobile


If you want to use this video downloader, you may need to visit DVDFab Downloader for Mobile install page on phone. Then download and install DVDFab Downloader for Mobile as instructed after clicking Download.



Run this program after installation, then the whole interface is shown in front of you. Move your sight to the rightmost icon on the bottom bar, which seems like a crown. Click it to go for a new interface where you can see a diamond icon on the right top corner. One click of this icon, then some setting options are provided for you. Among all these options, Download Directory option needs your extra attention. That’s because this option can be used to change the output address of downloaded videos if needed.








Step 2 – Find your videos to be downloaded


Before downloading, you need to find your videos to be downloaded. How to find a YouTube video to be downloaded? To figure out of this, you may need to go back and focus on the main interface. Two methods are available to find your preferred videos. One, paste the video URL on the searching bar located on the top of the interface, then click the right-toward arrow to start searching. Two, open the YouTube video under the searching bar which can be seen easily to find a video that attracts you.



Step 3 – Download the video


When the video is found, you can press it for playing. While the video is playing, a round icon appears on the lower right of the interface. One click of it, you can see more icons are waiting for you to explore. We will introduce them one by one, from top to bottom.




The first one, a small heart, represents Like. If the small heart icon is clicked, the playing video will be saved under Liked Songs. How to find it then? It’s easy. You may need to click the second option, an inverted arrow, then choose Playlist. That’s where you can find your liked songs.



The second one is named Add to Playlist. When you click it, you can go to a new interface, where you can press Create New Playlist to create a new playlist, aiming to save the playing video under it.



Then let’s go back to continue. The third icon is named Watch Video. One click of it, the playing interface will be changed into a new one. But you can press an upside-down arrow on the left top corner to go back.



The fourth one is Play Next which is easy to understand. It means to play the next video.

The fifth one, Play Music, is designed for playing its audio only instead of the video.

Then, here comes the last icon, Download. Click it. A new panel comes into your sight. In this panel, the first option is downloading the audio, while the second one is downloading the video. Therefore, please pick up the second one, after which, the video resolutions, from 480p to 1080p, are listed below for you to choose from. Just choose one as you need, then the videos start to be downloaded.



If you want to check the downloading process, please focus your eyesight to the inverted arrow located on the second position of the bottom bar. Click it, then four sections are presented in front of you, among which the last one is Downloading. There’s where the downloading process is shown. When the downloading process is done, you can check the downloaded video on the Video section, right next to the Downloading.

At last, you are free to enjoy the videos you like.




Note: we prepared free version and premium version of this program. The differences between these two versions are listed below. For your bettering using experience, we recommend you the premium version. But it’s all up to you. Pick one in your need.




Knowing so much information and detailed steps about DVDFab Downloader for Mobile, you must feel eager to try this program. Then don’t hesitate. Just go for it. And if you are not satisfied and want to do more, like download Instagram videos to PC, then our product, DVDFab Video Downloader, may help you.