Stream or Download Online Music and Videos on a Smartphone

2021-09-01 22:10:57


Music and videos are indispensable to people’s daily entertainment life. Many listen to their favorite music, or watch their favorite TV Shows during the commuting time to work, no matter in a car or on a public transit, because the average time spent on commute back and forth is longer enough for a TV Show episode, or a music playlist.

Speaking of listening to music and watching videos during commute time, it’s hardly not to mention a portable device, such as a smartphone like the iPhone 11 Pro, or any other Android phones out there, partly due to its portability that makes it easy to take on the go, and partly because everyone has a smartphone.

So, to listen to your favorite music or watch your beloved TV Shows on the move, there are two options. One is to stream, if you are already a subscriber to the major content service providers such as Apple, Google, Amazon, etc., and you don’t need to worry about your mobile data plan. The other one is to download your favorite music, TV Shows, movies or even music videos to your smartphone when you are at home with a secured Wi-Fi hotspot.

For the second approach, there are iOS and Android Apps to achieve the goal. And DVDFab Downloader falls into that category. Despite the iOS version is yet to come, the Android version has become one of the most prevailing music and video downloader applications among Android users worldwide.


DVDFab Downloader is an online music & video and streaming and downloader application allowing users to download premium music & videos from over 1000 websites, including those famous ones, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and on and on. The downloaded music is stored as MP3 file which is universally compatible on all the smartphones, tablets and PDAs. While the videos it downloads are preserved in the original formats, in most cases, MP4, MKV and FLV, etc.

As for the music and video quality, this music & video downloader leaves the choices to its end users, who can decide on their own to download music ranging from 128 kbps to 320 kbps, and videos of up to 1080p, which should be better enough for a smartphone can handle. Here below are the details for how to use this music & video downloader application to download your favorite music & videos from Internet directly onto your smartphones.

Download & Installation

Due to the legitimate reason (because it allows you to download music & videos from YouTube, a Google website), don’t expect to see this Application appear in Google Play, it’s probably never gonna happen. That being said, you can still download the APK installer file directly from the product page onto your Android smartphone to install. To do that, follow the instructions below:

Step 1 — Open the browser on your smartphone, and then type into the address bar to take yourself to the mobile version of DVDFab official website.

Step 2 — Tap the 1st banner showcasing the DVDFab Downloader for Mobile that takes you to the product page.

Step 3 — Tap the Download button showing up at the bottom left corner of the screen to download the APK installer file.

Step 4 — When the APK installer is downloaded, follow the installation wizards to finish installing the application onto your smartphone.


License Authorization

After installing the Downloader on your smartphone, the next thing to do is to authorize your license. To do that, launch up the Downloader App, tap the Crown icon at the right end of the bottom menu bar, tap the Upgrade to Premium button, and then enter the email address and password of your DVDFab Account to login.

Sidenote: You can also skip the license authorization part, if you haven’t made up your mind to purchase this App yet. In that case, you will only be able to download music & videos from YouTube, and those paid features, such as Turbo-Speed, Playlist Download, Background Download and Background Playback, etc., won’t be available to you, neither.

Locate Your Target Music & Videos

When the license authorization is done, you’re ready to rock. It’s time to find the music or videos you want to download. For that purpose, you have two approaches to go with.

Method 1 — Use the Recommendations

This approach is extremely useful for YouTubers, as you can see, we’ve scraped lots of trending music and videos from YouTube and listed them on the homepage of this App. So, if you don’t have a clear image of what’s your target is and just want to wander through the music jungle and see what may interest you. Then this is your best way to go. Just scroll through the pages until you find something.

Method 2 — Use the Built-in Browser

Like its PC version, Downloader for Mobile also comes with a built-in browser, via which, you can directly enter your target website to find the music or video you want to download. To do that, tap the Search button at the top right corner of the Homepage, enter the website address, and then tap the right arrow at the end of the address bar, you will be directed to the target website.

You can also quickly visit a target website from the supported website list, which is located right under the address bar. As you can see, major sites, such as YouTube, YT Music, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram and DailyMotion are displayed right under your nose. If your target website is not shown here, tap on the Explore button to show all the supported websites by alphabetical order.

Download Music & Videos

From YouTube

Tap your target music/video, a few seconds later, a menu button will show up at the bottom right corner of the screen. Once you tap the Menu button, it will expand the popup menu, where a few more buttons queue up. Tap the Download button, the last but second one, and then choose to download the target video as an MP3 music file, or as a video file. In the process, you will be further asked to select your wanted quality level.


Sidenote: The Add to Playlist button will add only the music to an existing or new playlist, and the Like button will save also only the music to your Favorites list.

From Other Websites

Downloading music/videos from non-YouTube websites is made easier. A few seconds into the playback of the target music/video, instead of a Menu button you see on YouTube website, only a Download button will show up, also at the bottom right corner or the screen. Tap that button, choose to download the video as music or video file, and also the quality version you need. Then, it will be added to the download task queue and start to download there.

Play & Organize Music & Videos

Playback Online

The Online Playback feature only works on YouTube sources. From the expanded menu list, tap the Play Music button to play the pure music with the built-in media player, online. Similarly, the Watch Video button allows you to play back the video online. When playing the video, you can tap the bottom right corner of the playback screen to enter the Full Screen mode.

The built-in media player features the basic playback control functions, such as the brightness adjustment, volume adjustment, play/pause, play next, and play previous. The lock icon on the playback screen allows you to lock the playback screen to prevent any unintended touch on the screen that may trigger an action you don’t expect. To exit the Full Screen playback mode, tap the two-arrow icon at the bottom right corner of the playback screen.

Playback Offline

For the music/videos from non-YouTube websites, you can only play them when they are downloaded onto your smartphone. To access the downloaded music/videos, tap the Download button from the bottom menu bar, the one next to the Home button. Then you can play the music under the Music tab, and watch the videos under the Videos tab, both with the built-in media player.

Organize Music & Videos

As is shown in the illustration above, this music & video downloader App organizes the downloaded music and videos in a streamlined manner, music under the Music tab, videos under the Videos tab, Playlists under the Playlist tab, and all the in-progress download tasks under the Downloading tab.

Worth to mention, the Playlist feature only works on music files. For YouTube sources, you can add a single music/video to an existing or new playlist, or directly save a playlist, without necessarily downloading them first. However, for non-YouTube sources, you can only add them to an existing or new playlist after downloading them to your local storage.  Besides, the Favorites list is the place where your liked songs are saved. To add a song/music to your Favorites, tap the Like button from the aforementioned popup menu list.

Wrap up

As an online music & video streaming App, DVDFab Downloader allows you to stream your favorite music & videos from YouTube whenever you are connected to a secured Wi-Fi hotspot, or you have an unlimited data plan with your mobile carrier.

When used as a music & video downloader App to download online music & videos for completely offline playback, anytime, anywhere and on any device, DVDFab Downloader not only allows you to download from YouTube, but also from non-YouTube websites, including Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, DailyMotion, and over 1000 others.

Plus, its amazing features, like the Turbo-Speed Download, Playlist Download, Multitask Download, Background Playback, and Background Download, and more, could be perfectly for you, as a music & video lover, to improve your entertainment life to the next level.