Enhance DVD Video Quality with AI

2020-12-26 03:11:15

1.    Is it Possible to Enhance DVD Video Quality? 
2.    How to Enhance DVD Video Quality to Blu ray with AI?
3.    FAQs

1.    Is it Possible to Enhance DVD Video Quality?

Question: “I have a ripped DVD that I want to have digitally upscaled to 1080p. I have access to the editing software Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. I know Premiere is able to upscale when exporting, but I’m not happy with the results and I’m looking for a better solution. So in short, what is the best way to upscale a 480p video to 1080p?” 

This is a question posted on StackExchange, which is a network of question-and-answer (Q&A) websites on topics in diverse fields. As we can notice from the above description, the user is trying to find an alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects after he tried to enhance DVD video quality but didn’t achieve good results. So the question might be in our mind, is it possible to upscale a DVD to Blu ray or just simply enhance DVD video quality?

The answer is Yes. AI technology is rising in the contemporary world, which has provided solutions for diverse fields supported by AI deep learning ability, ranging from the most common face recognition technology used in mobile phones to AI powered robot manufacturing in industry. AI has already penetrated into our daily lives and transforming it in a fast way. Therefore, it is definitely possible to enhance DVD video quality with AI, but where can you find the best AI powered solution? And how can you enhance DVD video to 4k Blu ray standard or convert DVD to Blu ray with AI?

2.    How to Enhance DVD Video Quality to Blu ray with AI?

Gone are the days that you can only convert Blu ray to DVD, but cannot do it the other way. With AI powered super resolution technology developed in the movie industry these years, it is possible for us to enhance DVD video to 4k Blu ray standard or convert DVD to Blu ray with AI through its deep learning principle. DVDFab has launched such AI powered software, DVDFab Enlarger AI to support the users when they want to convert DVD to Blu ray with AI to make those old DVDs as lively as modern ones with better resolution to view.

(See the comparison after video enhancement)

Supported by the super resolution technology, DVDFab Enlarger AI is capable of upscaling video resolution through deep learning, and significantly enlarge the video images by 300%. In the meantime, DVDFab Enlarger AI can enhance the video quality exponentially, from 480p (SD) to 1080p (Full HD), convert DVD to Blu ray with AI, or even enhance DVD video to 4k Blu ray standard, which can perfectly solve the above user’s problem. Next we are going to talk about how to enhance DVD video quality with AI through its super resolution technology.

2.1 How to Convert DVD to Blu ray with AI

Step 1: Install DVDFab Enlarger AI

Click the following button to install the best software to enhance DVD video quality with AI, after successful installation, double click it to open this software. 

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Step 2: Choose the Right Mode

The right mode depends on the source of your video and the quality you are after.

Copy Mode: if want to convert DVD into a higher resolution Blu ray, you can insert your DVD directly into the PC drive, and you then you should choose Copy Mode.

Ripper Mode: if you want to convert DVD disc directly into higher resolution videos with the technology supported by AI deep learning, you should choose Ripper Mode.

Converter Mode: if you would like to convert low resolution videos like 480p into video of higher resolution like 1080p, you can choose Converter Mode, it enable video conversion into MP4 and MKV.

Step 3: Load the Source and Customize Settings

After selection of the right mode, you should load the source into this Best AI powered Program. Also, according to the different mode you’ve set, you should make different settings accordingly. 

Copy Mode: Under Copy Mode, you should insert your DVD disc and load it into this software, after that you can notice the choice Enlarger AI, click it, which is used to enhance DVD video quality with AI through its super resolution technology. With this fabulous software, it is possible to enhance DVD video to 4k Blu ray standard.

Ripper Mode: Under Ripper Mode, you can convert your DVD video into other video formats like MP4 and MKV, while simultaneously improving the video quality significantly from 480p to 1080p. After you insert your DVD disc into the drive, load it into this AI powered program, you can also go to Advanced Settings or Video Edit to customize the video, like cropping, trim, add subtitles, etc.

Converter Mode: Under Converter mode, you can convert DVD to Blu ray with AI powered super resolution technology, after you load your video source into this program, you can customize your video with the functions supported by Advanced Settings and Video Edit.

Step 4: Select Directory and Output the Video

After everything is done with the customized settings under Copy, Ripper or Converter mode, you can choose a directory at the bottom of this AI powered software, then you can click start to kick off the conversion process, during which the image quality shall be significantly enhanced. 

All right, that is all about how to enhance DVD video quality with AI from 480p to 1080p or even from DVD to 4k Blu ray standard. Hope you have grasped the key to upscale video quality significantly.

To learn more features of this software, watch this video:

3.    FAQs

3.1    Is the Enhanced Video Quality of Same Resolution?

 Actually not, it depends on your choice. If you use Copy mode to convert DVD to Blu ray with AI, there are two output video quality available, one is Premium Quality, and the other is called Ultra Quality, which you can choose according to your actual need in Advanced Settings. The difference between these two image qualities is that the image of the later is even better than the former, but this also means the conversion process shall take more time.

3.2 How Does the Major Technology Support this AI-powered Program?

  • Super Resolution Technology

We can tell from its name Enlarger AI, the major technology this software used to convert DVD to Blu ray is AI. To be more specific, it is supported by super resolution technology which is able to enlarge the image size by 300%, so as to enhance its clarity significantly with no visible film grains, artifacts or distortions.

  • AI Powered Intelligent Deep-Learning

Built on TensorFlow framework, DVDFab Enlarger AI has trained itself with millions of videos, movies and TV Shows of all genres using neural networks, in a bid to deliver crystal clear output video quality. Moreover, it is evolving to the better with our AI technical team.


All done, that’s all about this fabulous software to enhance DVD video quality with AI, which is the best tool to reborn old movies, why not give it a shot to make them shining again. Click to learn more information about how to copy Blu-ray movies in a professional way, or if you would also like to learn how to rip DVD to mobile devices, check these articles, the information you need is all in there.