How to Download Songs from YouTube?

2021-09-01 22:10:57

As a YouTube song downloader, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is an easy solution for when you come across a catchy song that you need to be converted. Kill two birds with one stone by downloading as soon as you come across that catchy song.


DVDFab YouTube to MP3 downloader is free and lets you download straight from YouTube. Make a collection of your favoritesongs on the software and your computer. Below is a quick tutorial on how to download songs from YouTube using this free YouTube song downloader, DVDFab YouTube to MP3.


Step One: Download and Install DVDFab YouTube to MP3


Before we get into how to download songs from YouTube, grab your DVDFab YouTube to MP3 free download from the product website. If you’re a Mac user, grab your free download from DVDFab YouTube to MP3 for Mac.



Open the software, and you should see the main interface shown in the screenshot below.



Step Two: Adjust Your Settings


Before we start to download songs off YouTube, adjust your software settings if needed. Click on the little arrow at the top right of the screen (indicated by the screenshot below) to open ‘Settings.’



Now, you will be presented with a list of options. Click on the folder indicated by the red arrow below to change where your downloaded YouTube songs will go.



You can also adjust the quality of your downloaded songs by clicking on the ‘Download Audio’ to get that quality (Best, 8K UHD-4320p, 4K UHD-2160p, Full HD-1080p, HD-720P, SD-480p, 360p, 240p and 144p)every time you download audio. Or, leave it at the ‘Ask Me Each Time’ option to get a pop-up every time asking which quality you want once you want to download audio.


After your desired settings are set, click OK at the bottom to save.


Step 3: Download Songs Off YouTube


To download songs off YouTube, click on the YouTube icon from the main interface.



YouTube will appear as if you are accessing it from an Internet browser. To download songs off YouTube, click on a video or search for a video that you would like to extract audio. After clicking on a video, it should load as usual. However, you will notice a yellow bar appear at the top: ‘Analyzing the video info…Please Wait.’ Briefly wait for this to finish and three tabs will appear at the top (shown in the screenshot below). These buttons can be moved anywhere within the software screen.



Hover your mouse over the 'Download' button and click on 'Audio only' to download the song off YouTube. If you left your original settings to 'Ask me each time' for quality, a pop up would ask which quality you want. If you get the pop-up, you can click 'Remember my Choice.' It will remember your selection and adjust your settings to keep this download quality for future audios. Though, we recommend you change the audio quality in your settings since it provides more options. To check the status of your downloads, go to the 'My Music' selection and click on 'Downloads.'



Your song will appear in the ‘Downloading’ section, as shown in the screenshot below. Right-clicking on the audio can pause, resume, and delete the audio.




Once your song finishes downloading, it will appear in the ‘Music’ section at the top left which you should see all of your downloaded songs off YouTube.


Step 4: Play your Song from DVDFab YouTube to MP3 Downloader


As a YouTube song downloader, the software can play your downloaded music within the app. Head to the ‘Music’ section but don’t click on the name. Instead, go to the ‘Operate’ section highlighted with the red box to play, stop, add your songs to playlists (we’ll get to this later), and download the video for that song. The three dots also give you more options in addition to the ones already mentioned.



Now we’ll go over essential functions of the MP3. First, click on the play button under the operating section. This will play the song. Once the song starts playing, feel free to control it using the controls on the bottom bar. The functions at the bottom act the same as what you’re used to seeing with media or a regular YouTube song downloader. But we would like to direct your attention to three specific functions.



The thumbnail (highlighted in the red square) opens and closes your song as if it were a video. Substantially, it expands the thumbnail. In the yellow square, clicking the heart will favorite this MP3, and the checkmark indicates whether this MP3 is downloaded or not. Lastly, the list highlighted in blue opens and closed your playlist.


Go full screen, minimize, expand, and exit the entire application using the controls above, as shown in the screenshot below.



Step 5: How to Download Songs from YouTube (Playlist)


This unique function is different from other YouTube song downloader you may be used to. While you can download songs off YouTube anytime, you can also download an entire playlist using this software. However, this only works if you have an existing playlist opened on YouTube.


So, go ahead and open a playlist you want to download like such.



Hover your mouse over to the ‘Download’ button at the top of the page, and you should see a new option: ‘Playlist.’ Clicking this button and checking and unchecking boxes allows you to pick and choose which videos you want to download.



After selecting the entire playlist or specific songs, select the quality by choosing the white box beside ‘Quality.’ After, press 'Download' at the bottom right.


Your songs will start downloading from the ‘Downloading’ tab. After your playlist videos finish downloading, it will appear in the ‘Music’ tab, and you can play it like a typical mp3.


To get there, click on ‘Downloads’ under ‘My Music’ then click on ‘Music’ at the top. Refer to the screenshot below.



DVDFab YouTube to MP3 free version only allows up to five songs for a playlist. The paid version is unlimited.


Step 6: Add a Song to Your Favorites


While this software is a YouTube song downloader, it also lets you add songs to your favorites list which is saved within the software.


Hover your mouse over the ‘+Add to’ button displayed at the top left of your screen (indicated by the red arrow) and click the first option ‘Add to Favorite.’ This automatically adds the video to your ‘My Favorites’ under the ‘My Music’ tab (highlighted with a red box).



This automatically adds the song to your favorites. Again, to operate the mp3, you must use the functions underneath the ‘operate’ tab, as mentioned previously. To download the audio file, press the three dots under ‘operate’ and click on ‘Download Audio’ to your selected directory.



Step 7: Create and Add a Song to Your Playlist


If you want to create a playlist, click on the ‘+’ beside the Created Playlists tab shown in the screenshot below. Enter your playlist name, and now you have your first playlist.




DVDFab YouTube to MP3 automatically recognizes you are playing a playlist. To add audio to your newly created playlist, press the ‘+ Add to’ function at the top of a video, and you should see an ‘Add to playlist’ accessible feature. Click on your playlist to add the audio. This directly adds the audio to your list. Also, keep in mind that you must use the functions in the ‘operate’ section beside the audio shown in step 6. Again, double-clicking on the name won’t do anything.


Now, open an existing playlist on YouTube.



By hovering your mouse over the ‘+Add to’ function and clicking on the ‘save playlist’ creates a playlist under ‘Saved Playlist’ at the side with all the songs in that playlist. In other words, you don’t get to pick and choose unless you choose to download. Saving this playlist will create a tab underneath ‘Saved Playlists.’



Other Tips and Tricks


With this free YouTube song downloader, you can easily download songs off YouTube to your computer. However, there are also a few tricks regarding the software that we will share with you below.


First, you can copy and paste URLs to search directly within DVDFab Downloader like in the screenshot below with any website. Press enter and your requested website will pop up to which you can download the audio file.



If you’re pressed for time, activate the ‘turbo speed’ feature to quicken your downloads.



Start Downloading Songs Off YouTube


DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is a unique YouTube song downloader aiming to give our users the best download experience possible. While this software can download songs off YouTube, it can also download audio from more than 200 websites.


For tricks on how to download from other websites, visit our post on how to download YouTube to MP3 and scroll to “Other Tips and Tricks.” As Facebook video is on the rise, we’ve covered a specific post on how to download videos off Facebook.

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