How to Play Blu-ray Folder with DVDFab Player 6

2021-01-08 02:37:29


1.  Introduction

2. Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Play Blu-ray with DVDFab Player 6

3. FAQs

1. Introduction

DVDFab Player 6 can play any Blu-ray movie folders easily and excellently, it can load the Blu-ray source in a fast speed and deliver you the best audiovisual experience. If you have a Blu-ray folder on your laptop and is confused about how to view it and where to find a good Blu-ray player, then you are at the right place.  Next is some simple tips on how to use this best media player to play Blu-ray folder. Follow me.

2. Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Play Blu-ray with DVDFab Player 6

Step 1: Download and install this Blu-ray Player

Head to the official website of DVDFab Player 6, download the right version matching with your laptop system, we have Windows and Mac OS for you to choice. Or, you can also click the below two buttons to turn to the page.

 Download (Win)     Download (Mac)   

The interface after successful installation would look like this.

Step 2: Start DVDFab Player 6 and choose a Blu-ray playback mode

Start up DVDFab Player 6. Before everything else, let’s go to click the Settings button on the top right corner to go to the general settings panel. Then navigate to Blu-ray section, to select a playback mode for your Blu-ray folder. Then you can choose Simple Mode to play main movie; or you can also choose Menu Mode to navigate to view the Blu-ray just like on a physical Blu-ray Player.

Step 3: Load in the Blu-ray folder you want to view

Now go back the main interface of this Blu-ray player to choose File Explorer to go to find and open the Blu-ray folder on your PC. This fantastic Blu-ray player can load BD folder in a very fast speed. 

Step 4: Control settings during the movie playing

Considering the actual need during the movie playing, such as changing volume, audio channels, subtitles or languages, it is vital to know that you can do that easily in this Blu-ray player during the movie playing process. You can just right click on the viewing window to change the settings like playback speed, subtitles, rewinding or forward the movie, play different titles and chapters.

Note: if you want to view another Blu-ray folder file, also you don’t have to return to the main interface to load it with the File Explorer, you can also control it during the movie playing by right clicking, and then try to find your target Blu-ray folder with Open Media.

3. FAQs:

3.1  How do I switch to full screen playing mode?

During the movie playing, you can switch to the full screen playback mode by double clicking the viewing window that would deliver you better viewing experience compared to the small window viewing. Or another way to do so is to click F11 on your keyboard to switch to the full screen mode.

We bet this best Blu-ray player can deliver you a visual and hearing feast as real as you are right now in a cinema.

3.2    How do I create a playlist that is composed of Blu-ray folders?

Note that DVDFab Player 6 has a function to enable playlist creation that would allow you to switch between different movies or videos. Really convenient for binge watchers! You can do that by dragging those folders directly into this Blu-ray player, then on the right place you can find out that your playlist has already been created automatically. If you would like to change or organize your playlist in your own way, you can click “+” or “-” button to do so easily, placing them in the viewing order or by different genre. That is totally up to you.

3.3   What is the difference between Simple Mode and Menu Mode?

This Blu-ray player has two playback mode, one is Simple Mode, and the other is Menu Mode. These two different mode is to satisfy the different needs of the viewer in the movie viewing process. If you are a viewer who are very familiar with this movie, you can choose Simple Mode, it would lead you to the main movie directly. If you would like to know some special features about how the movie was created and some behind- the-scenes footage, you can choose Menu Mode, it would let you control everything. 

If you’ve just chosen Menu Mode, then after the Blu-ray folder is successfully loaded, the main menu of the movie would appear on the interface of this Blu-ray player software for you to navigate the movie just like you are playing with a physical Blu-ray player.

If you’ve chosen Simple Mode, then the Blu-ray Player would automatically play the main movie after it load the BD folder for you successfully. If you want to switch to the Menu Mode, you can so that in the general settings panel on the top right corner.


Alright. This is just a simple glimpse of this Blu-ray folder player. One more fantastic thing about this Blu-ray Player is that, it is not just limited to Blu-ray folders, it can also play your Blu-ray disc, DVDs, 4K UHD, as well as any kinds of videos on your laptop. Click here to see more info about this fantastic Blu-ray Player. If you would like to know how to play ISO file, you can also read more about it, or if you are interested in other new features of this best Blu-ray player, you can find out more at Powerful Blu-ray Player Software from DVDFab.  

① Play DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays with native menus
② Play non-disc media including all formats of videos, up to 4K
③ Play genuine 3D discs, ISO files, SBS or top & bottom 3D videos
④ Display the original HDR10 video to deliver crystal clear images
⑤ Output Hi-Res audios, like Dolby Atmos, with up to 7.1 channels