Burn MKV to Blu ray with top 8 MKV to Bluray Converters

2021-01-10 22:25:29

Burn MKV to Blu ray with the top 8 free software.There are many reasons for you to convert MKV to Blu-ray. For instance, you may want to burn Blu ray to MKV for playback on your Blu-ray player, or you may need to convert MKV to Blu-ray for a relatively long-term and safe storage. For whatever reason, a good MKV to Blu ray creator/burner is necessary. DVDFab Blu-ray Creator is the best MKV to Bluray burning tool that you can use to convert any formats of videos to Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO file with high quality and top speed. Here is a step-by-step guide to show you how to burn MKV to a Blu ray with this free Blu-ray Creator.

Table of Contents
     (1) UniConverter (Windows/Mac)
     (2) TmgBurn (Windows)
     (3) ts Muxer (Mac)
     (4) Aleesoft Free MKV Converter (Windows/mac)
     (5) iSkysoft (Windows/Mac)
     (6) Leawo Blu-ray Creator (Windows 8)
     (7) MakeMKV (Windows/Mac/Linux)


1. How to Burn MKV to Blu ray with DVDFab Blu-ray Creator?

There are detailed instructions provided below and follow the steps until you complete MKV to Bluray conversion successfully.

Step 1: Load the MKV video

Double click the icon of DVDFab 11 to open it, click "Creator" module and load a MKV video(s) as instructed on the main interface. DVDFab Blu-ray Creator is one of the modules of DVDFab 11 and this MKV to Bluray converter supports batch conversion. So you can import more than one MKV files.

Step 2: Choose the Blu-ray Creator mode

Go to the "Mode switcher" on the top left corner to choose the "Blu-ray Creator" mode. Only then can you burn MKV to Blu ray.

Step 3: Customize your own Blu-ray

Now it’s time to customize your own Blu-ray during MKV to Bluray conversion. You can choose the audio tracks and subtitles (you can also add external subtitles) you want. At the"Advanced Settings" panel, you can choose the output as BD-50/25/9/5.  Besides, click “Set Menu” button to open built-in menu library where you can choose different templates to burn MKV to blu ray.

Step 4: Select a directory

Move to the bottom of the main interface to select a directory. To select your optical drive as the directory from the drop-down list box is to burn MKV to Blu ray disc; to select a directory by clicking the “folder” icon is to convert the MKV video to a Blu-ray folder; to select a directory by clicking the “image” icon is to convert the MKV video to a Blu-ray ISO file.

Step 5: Start the MKV to Bluray conversion process

Click the button of “Start” button to burn MKV to Blu ray.

2. Other 7 Programs to Burn MKV to Blu ray

(1) UniConverter (Windows/Mac)

Similar to DVDFab Blu-ray Creator, UniConverter also works on Windows and Mac. Menu Templates are also provided in this software for you to burn MKV to Blu ray. Add MKV files to this MKV to Bluray converter, and then a select Blu-ray template. Adjust MKV to Blu-ray settings, choose a target folder and click the button of “Burn” at the bottom to start MKV to bluray conversion.

(2) ImgBurn (Windows)

ImgBurn MKV to Bluray converter is compatible with Windows and Linux. With the help of ImgBurn converter, you can burn MKV to Blu ray, DVD, CD, as well as HD DVD discs. Get it launched in your machine, click the button of “Write files/folders to disc”. Add MKV video and use ‘Device” and “Options” button on the top based on your need. Set “File System” as UDF  and continue with “Labels”. Choose Blu-ray disc and start to burn MKV to Blu ray.

(3) tsMuxer (Mac)

This program is very simple to use and it burn MKV to Blu ray without hampering video quality. But this MKV to Bluray converter only works on Mac. When you choose this software to rip Blu ray to MKV, get it download and launched first. The browse your file and set output destination as Blu-ray folder or Blu-ray ISO. At last, click the button of “Start” to burn MKV to Blu ray.

(4) Aleesoft Free MKV Converter (Windows/Mac)

Another software to burn MKV to Blu ray is Aleesoft Free MKV Converter. Similar to DVDFab Blu-ray Creator, this MKV to Bluray converter supports videos of many formats, including MP4, AVI, etc. Using this program to convert MKV to Bluray, you won’t face adds and instead you will find a video editor to edit MKV files. But there seems no menu templates in this MKV to Bluray converter.

(5) iSkysoft (Windows/Mac)

Many users choose this program to burn MKV to Blu ray. It works fast on both Windows and Mac. And it does more than converting MKV to Bluray. You can import videos of many formats to this MKV to Bluray converter and you’re allowed to modify menu template to make your video more beautiful.

(6) Leawo Blu-ray Creator (Windows 8)

Leawo Blu-ray Creator can also be used to burn MKV to blu ray. It is able to convert numerous videos format to DVD or ISO files. And there is a video editor embedded in this software which is very easy to use. You can burn MKV to Blu ray safely on Windows with the assistance of this software.

(7) MakeMKV (Windows/Mac/Linux)

The last MKV to Bluray converter I am going to introduce is MakeMKV. It Is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and capable to decrypt BD+ and AACS. But the decryption of AACS violates the which cases “Google removes MakeMKV download page”. But there are still some people asking it for help to burn MKV to Blu ray. It is very simple and only outputs KV file withou quality loss.

3. Conclusion

This tutorial shows you how to burn MKV to Blu ray with a free program in 30-day free trial, do you also want to learn how to convert MKV to DVD with it? Click MKV to DVD converter to learn the detailed steps.

① Produce studio-level home Blu-rays out of all formats of videos
② Burn the created Blu-rays to blank discs or save as ISO files/folders
③ Support all types of blank discs: BD-R, BD-RE, DVD±R and DVD±RW
④ Offer multiple sets of beautifully crafted menu templates
⑤ Support GPU hardware acceleration to convert much faster