How to Convert MP3 to M4A Free & Easily

2021-01-22 09:42:13

Summary: This article revolves around how to convert MP3 to M4A in a fast but quality way with tiny but versatile software, DVDFab Toolkit, with which all your normal demands of converting and editing videos/audios can be met at one go.

Since the prevalence of digital media, MP3 has been a widely-used file extension throughout the years. However, it fails to satisfy the increasing needs of high-quality audio content from people, especially iPhone users. Against such backdrop, Apple Inc. has developed its own format M4A, capable of preserving higher quality sound bur occupying less storage than MP3. Thus, for iPhone lovers, to convert MP3 to M4A is the optimal solution to enjoy quality music but less memory space for the mobile SD cards.  

In this article, you will be introduced the best way to convert MP3 to M4A with blazing fast speed and high quality by means of a professional and versatile audio converter, DVDFab Toolkit.

PART 1: How to Convert MP3 to M4A with DVDFab Toolkit on Windows

As to how to convert MP3 to M4A, simply refer to below step-by-step tutorials and act as hints given on the software interface.

Step 1: Run DVDFab Toolkit and choose ‘Converter’ module from ‘Audio Tools’

Download, install and launch this program from official website with ‘Free Download’ waiting for your click. So far, only Windows version has been released. Once running it, you can choose instant experience to the main UI where various tool modules are for your preference. Locate ‘Converter’ from ‘Audio Tools’ that stands in line with ‘Trim’, ‘Volume Adjust’ and ‘Denoise’.

Step 2: Load the MP3 files you want to convert to M4A

There are two options to import source files. Method one: press ‘+’ button on the center of the interface to load your wanted MP3 music file. Method two, you can drag and drop MP3 files onto ‘+’ section.

Step 3: Customize output audio parameters

Actually, you can add more than one file at one go, thus achieving batch conversion. When some files are under conversion, you can load other files from ‘+Add from Local’. Later, tab ‘Settings’ icon (a reverse triangle located in the upper right corner on the current interface) for ‘General’ customization. Tick ‘NIVIDIA, Intel and AMD’ for GPU acceleration. Remember that your converted files will be temporarily stored in HDD (in accordance with the storage of DVDFab Toolkit) with Path labeled as shown in the picture. Anyway, you can choose the ‘Setting’ icon along side of ‘Folder’ button to delete temporary files for the sake of memory space of your PC. Besides, you can decide what to do when closing the main interface of this toolkit.

What to do next is to choose M4A as the final output format. In addition, you have choice to select ‘Channels’ and ‘Sample Rate’ as needed. All these parameters are decided by your personal preference. Note that this MP3 to M4A converter can convert all mainstream audio formats to popular ones as hoped. As shown in the picture, you can get output audio files in the form of AAC, AC3, FLAC, M4A and MP3.

What’s more, you can personalize output M4A with bit rate as like 320 kbps, which will retain higher quality than those below 320 kbps. Of course, you can feel free to choose higher bit rates such as 448 kbps and 512 kbps, but the resulting M4A files will be larger than those with lower bit rates. Such choice shall be depended on your storage space.

Step 4: Start to convert

Trigger ‘Start’ button to convert MP3 to M4a. Upon your start, you will see several MP3 files standing in queue for conversion. Remember the previous setting? Your ticking ‘GPU Acceleration’ will contribute considerably to the conversion progress, which allows you to experience blazing fast speed. What a stunning feature it is!

Once done, there will pop up a word ‘Finished’ at the ‘Status’ bar, meaning you can enjoy your converted M4A audio content whenever and wherever possible. You can enjoy your music on PC with Windows Media Player or transfer the files to your portable devices with third-party music player.

PART 2: Alternative to Convert MP3 to M4A on iTunes (Window and Mac OS)

Aside from DVDFab Toolkit, you will be familiarized with another option to convert MP3 to M4A with iTunes, which is deemed as timely remedy for users to manage media files. In the meantime, M4A is a typical audio format developed by Apple, you can make the best of this advantage. With regard to the usage of iTunes, come and refer to the below steps.

Step 1: Run iTunes, click ‘File’ and ‘Add file to library’ to import MP3 files in iTunes

For Mac OS users, simply drag and drop MP3 files onto iTunes.

Step 2: Tap ‘Edit’, choose ‘Preferences’, ‘General’ and ‘Import Settings’ for customization

Here you can change ‘Library Name’, ‘List Size’ and ‘Playlist Icon Size’ as needed. When entering ‘Import Settings’ interface, choose ‘AAC Encoder’ as the output audio codec.

Step 3: Click an MP3 file and select ‘Create AAC Version’ to create M4A format audio

After choosing ‘AAC Encoder’ from ‘Import Settings, go back to ‘Library’ playlist, hit ‘File’, locate ‘Convert’ and choose ‘Create AAC Version’. Upon your click, an M4A audio file with the identical file name as the original MP3 file will be created with light-grey background in the ‘Library’ playlist.

Unfortunately, iTunes fails to support batch conversion and cannot preserve original audio quality, though it can be treated as an MP3 to M4A audio converter. Therefore, you have to click every MP3 file and choose ‘Create AAC Version’ one by one.

When all files are converted to M4A files with AAC codec, just choose one converted file, clicking ‘Show in Windows Explorer’ to locate the file. Then right-click the file, tabbing ‘Property’ to check format of the converted files.

 It has been proven that iTunes can convert MP3 to M4A successfully, which, nevertheless, fades next to DVDFab Toolkit in terms of conversion speed and output quality.

PART 3: Key Features of DVDFab Toolkit

The apppealing features of DVDFab Toolkit can be described as below, which has captured numerous users who aim to cope with the common issues related to video, audio and image. 

Video Tools

Convert videos between various mainstream formats, trim unwanted clips from timeline, crop redundant sections from display area, speed up/down playback speed, mirror/flip videos horizontally or vertically, rotate videos clockwise or counter clockwise, sharpen or unsharpen the image quality, deshake videos for stability, and convert interlaced videos to progressive ones.

Audio Tools

Convert audios between popular formats, trim unwanted audio clips from timeline, adjust audio volume, and reduce noises from audios (Denoise).

Image Tools

Make GIF images from videos, and take pictures from videos based on specified frame or time intervals.


As mentioned above, DVDFab Toolkit can achieve multiple goals within one program. Other than fast and well converting MP3 to M4A, there are many other appealing features waiting for you to explore to the fullest. Please feel free to try out them step by step. Such MP3 to M4A converter will lead you to a much more fabulous user experience. In a nutshell, this tinny tool won’t let you down.