How to Convert Videos to/from MPEG-4/MP4/AVI/MKV/FLV/MKV and More with DVDFab Video Converter

2020-05-28 04:28:15

Have you ever had such an experience that you failed in playing a video on a device, because of the unmatched video format? If so, DVDFab Video Converter can be your best assistant. Through it, bilateral conversion relating to MPEG4/MP4/FLV/AVI/MKV or whatever, can be achieved with extraordinary quality and speed. Then, you will be no longer troubled by the limitation of video output format and device. And I promise that you will be very pleased to meet this software and lead a better life with the help of it.

Now, let’s have an experience of this miraculous tool as soon as possible.


Download and Install DVDFab 11


DVDFab Video Converter is one of the products/modules in DVDFab 11. To use this tool, you must download and install DVDFab 11 in the first place. Have an easy try.

* Go to the download page and click the “Free Download” button to download the DVDFab 11 installer. For Windows users, it will recognize your operating system and help you download 32-bit version or 64-bit version accordingly.

* Find the downloaded installer and double click it to initiate the installation procedure. Then click the “Click to Install” on the window, and the installation will start immediately and install the DVDFab 11 to a default directory. Here, before clicking the “Quick Installation”, you can click “Custom” to customize your installation: choose the installation directory, decide to create a desktop shortcut or not, check “Join User Experience Improvement Program” or not.

* After the installation is complete, please click “Start DVDFab” to open DVDFab 11.



Convert Videos to/from MPEG-4/MP4/AVI/MKV/FLV/WMV


Learn to convert videos to/from MPEG-4/MP4/AVI/MKV/FLV/WMV and more with DVDFab Video Converter.


Step 1: How to add your file (three choices):


“Add from Local” part

After finishing uploading DVDFab 11, double click it, start, choose the “Converter” model and add your file by clicking the “+” button on the main interface.



“Add from Mobile” part

After finishing uploading DVDFab 11, double click it, start, choose the “Converter” model.

If you choose this, there will pop out a Qr code. Scan it with your mobile device and combine with DVDFab Remote and DVDFab File Transfer to add the file from your mobile device.




“Add from Online” part

After finishing uploading DVDFab 11, double click it, start, choose the “Converter” model.

If you choose this, DVDFab Video Downloader will be launched and help you download the video from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. and add it to the “Converter” module.



Step 2: How to decide the output format of your video:


“Video” part

Choose this if you want to convert your video to another video format.

“Web Optimized” part

Choose this if you want to output your video in the form of optimized video for YouTube.

“Audio” part

Choose this if you want to output an audio format.

By the way, you can also decide the device to output your video besides the video format.



Step 3: How to customize your video:


Now, let’s take “video format AVI” for example, one of the most popular formats among users.


Rename your file

Enter the name you want in the red rectangle.



Choose the audio track

Change the audio track based on your interest.



Add your preferred subtitles

When the video you want has subtitles, you can change the language of the subtitile from the red rectangle, if the video has diffrent language versions. When the video  has no subtitle in itself, try to download a kind of external subtitle fit for your taste and add it to your video. Operations about how to customize your subtitles will be demonstrated in the part of “how to customize your video – Create more effects with the editor icon – Sub”.



By the way, there is another tool as is shown below, which can be used to preview your video in the original version.



Customize your settings with the wrench icon



When you open that, there will be a wide range of parameters you can set, such as Codec, Resolution, Encoding Method, Frame Rate, video quality, Bit Rate, Bits/Pixel, Split, Output Size, Sample Rate, Channels and everything you can see on this page. After choosing them, Click “OK”.



Create more effects with the editor icon



After clicking the editor icon, we arrive at the next page.



Then, let’s start from the function of “text”. You can see a blue TEXT, a green SUB and others subjected to the function of “text”, right?



Then, let’s talk about the blue TEXT first. You enter the contents you want in the biggest rectangle (text). Then you can edit the text and set the font, word size, color and more, as is shown in the picture. After that, all the effects will appear on the top text, and the text is movable.



Subsequently, we come to the green SUB.



After you click the green SUB, try to find your targeted subtitles.Select and open it.

Click the red rectangle below to preview the effect of your video.




If you still want to do some changes related to your subtitles, you can use the functions in the red rectangle below to adjust the word, position and other aspects of the subtitles. Most importantly, you can use the “Delay” tool to make your subtitles and video matched.



Then, besides the function of text, we also see music and image. What are their functions? Simply speaking, when you click the music icon, there will be many types of music, such as the Local Music, Easy Ukulele, Children Happy (needed to play) and so forth. You can choose any one of them as your background music. Then you click the image icon, there will be numerous pictures, choose the one you like and it will display on the page, just like the Santa Claus. Then after everything is finished, click the button of “OK”.



In addition to the column of “Text, Music and Image”, there are also three tools you need to know. Then, let’s learn about the first icon, encircled by the rectangle. You can adjust your video properties, including Brightness, Contrast and Saturation by clicking it.



Then, we come to the second. You can crop the aspect ratio of your video by clicking it, according

to the aspect ratios given and your preference.



At last, you can trim your video by clicking the third icon encircled by the small rectangle. After that, the video between the two red tabs will be trimmed out. And then, if you click the “trim invert” icon, the rest of the video will be deleted.



Step 4: How to store your video



You can store the refined video to one of the three paths. I have labelled them with three rectangles below.



* If you want to output your video through “Mobile Device”, which is only applicable to MP4 format, click the first rectangle to choose the “Mobile Device”. With the help of DVDFab Remote and DVDFab File Transfer, you can store your finished video in your phone.

* If you want to store your video anywhere in your computer, choose the second rectangle.

* If you can upload this video to YouTube, choose the third rectangle and sign in with your YouTube account.




Now you may have a basic understanding of how to realize the bilateral conversion relating to MPEG4/MP4/FLV/AVI/MKV, or whatever. Later, no matter what kind of problem you may encounter with regard to video conversion, remember that DVDFab Video Converter is always be your first choice and best teacher in changing the output format of your video and customizing the video, including its name, audio track, setting, subtitle, image and background music and others. And it makes your storage of the video flexible. Also, as one of the powerful parts of DVDFab 11, DVDfab Video Converter is only the tip of an iceberg. If you also get hooked on the conversion of Blu-ray to MKV/MPEG4/MP4/FLV/AVI, you can refer to how to rip Blu-rays to MKV/MP4/AVI and more.

① Convert videos from one format to another for compatible devices
② Extract the audio tracks from videos and output as audio files
③ Support all the popular audio & video formats like MP3, MP4, MKV, etc.
④ Support to edit the videos like cropping, trimming, and more
⑤ Support GPU hardware acceleration to convert much faster