How to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac

2021-09-01 22:10:57

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Sometimes, you may find it inconvenient to watch a long video on YouTube as you might have a lot of other things to do, yes that might be a case many people once came across. But don’t worry, today we would offer you a completely new method to solve this issue. Why not just convert the video to MP3 or download it as MP3 format since you can listen to the audio with an earphone while at the same time doing other things like cleaning the house, jogging, taking a walk and more.

1. Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter in 2020

In this article, we would offer you the best free YouTube to MP3 Converter in 2020: DVDFab YouTube to MP3 for Mac, which could help you to download YouTube videos into the format of MP3 with just few clicks. See below for some of its best features:

1)     Download a Single Video or a Playlist

If you are going to download one video or music, copying and pasting the URL won’t seem to be much troublesome, however, if you got 100 videos or music titles to download? Then that might be a pain in the neck to copy and paste the URL one by one. But don’t worry! This best YouTube to MP3 converter support downloading playlist at one go. In this way, you can create a playlist covering the songs or videos you’d like to download, and it would be an easy task.


2)     Deliver Fast Downloading Experience Powered by Turbo-Speed 

Downloading one video may cost you only few minutes, but how about downloading 10 videos at once? Right, it could cost you quite a while. This is when and where the Turbo-Speed Download feature can help a lot. With this Turbo-Speed function being turned on, the downloading process shall be accelerated at least for 2X. A wonderful feature for you to have if you browse YouTube and download its video or music frequently.


3)     Download Metadata and Apply to the Output MP3s

Another great feature about this Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is that it could download the metadata of a video and even apply it to the output MP3 file. Isn’t that cool to retain the information regarding the cover art, artist, title when you play the converted MP3 audio file? 

4)     Multi-Task Downloading of 5 Videos Simultaneously

This YouTube to MP3 converter can process 5 videos at one time with the feature of Multi-Task Download, which would save you a lot of time if you got dozens of videos to download at one time.

2.     Convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac Right Now! 

All right, after introducing so many fantastic features explained, this part we would take some time to elaborate on the crucial and practical part regarding how to convert YouTube to MP3 with this best free YouTube to MP3 converter in 2020. 

Steps on how to Convert YouTube to MP3:

Step 1: Best YouTube to MP3 Converter Installation

Install this Best YouTube to MP3 Converter on your Mac by clicking the below button. After successful installation, double click to launch it.

 i  Download Now     i  Download Now   

Step 2: Open YouTube and Find the Target Videos 

After launching this YouTube to MP3 Converter, you would see the icon of YouTube presented to you on the main UI, click it to open the website of YouTube, then login to your account to find the videos that you’d like to download, or you can directly search the video on the search bar without logging in, the method used to find the target videos are summed up in the following.

Method 1: Through built-in browser, it enables you to directly view the page of YouTube, then you could find the video that you’d like to download.

Method 2: Through copying and pasting the URL of the original video into the search bar of this YouTube to MP3 Converter. Then, the video on that page shall be analyzed automatically.

Method 3: Through the function of Paste URL feature. You can paste multiple URLs all together, or upload a .txt file composed of videoURLs to batch download YouTube videos.

Step 3: Convert the Videos to MP4 Right Now

When the videos are successfully being analyzed, there would appear a Download button, click it and choose to download the video as Music, then select the audio quality from Super Quality, High Quality or Standard Quality, then click Start to kick off the conversion process. One amazing aspect of this software is that it allows users to choose video quality all the way up to 4k and 8k. 

Voila! Now you’ve grasped the key steps on how to convert YouTube videos in a quicker method powered by Turbo speed feature.

3.     FAQs

1.     How to download videos from Other Popular Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? 

If you want to find a way to download videos from other popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, etc. How could you achieve that? Can you use this YouTube to MP3 converter to download the videos from the above sites?

YES, totally. You could download videos from Dailymotion, and other websites just with one fantastic tool: DVDFab Video Downloader, which supports downloading videos and music from 1000+ websites, listed in the following with almost all mainstream websites covered. Check the supported websites here.

2.     Can I Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 on Mobile Phone?

YES! You could convert YouTube videos to mp3 in similar steps with a mobile app launched by this best YouTube to MP3 converter. Nowadays, people carry their phones everywhere they go, certainly, it could be easier and more convenient to browse and download videos on their phone, if you got a lot of stuff to do, you could convert the video to MP3, listen to the audio while simultaneously doing other things. 

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For more info regarding how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 on mobile phones or free playlist downloaders, you could refer to top 5 free YouTube playlist downloaders.

① Download online music from YouTube and other 1000+ sites
② Choose your preferred audio quality to download, up to 320 kbps
③ Download entire playlist instead of downloading one by one
④ Support turbo-speed feature to download 10X faster
⑤ Download the metadata information to go with the music files