Top 15 Best Suspense Movies on Netflix You Won’t Miss

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Summary: Know the best suspense movies on Netflix? Want to rip new suspense movies on DVD discs to various videos played on mobile devices? How about downloading them for an offline view or private share? This post offers you a list of the best suspense movies Netflix has released and optimal solutions to get them for offline use. Read on for more details.

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Do you anticipate getting the best suspense movies on Netflix? Be it to copy the best suspenseful movies on Netflix, or download them for offline play, this post has everything you need. Suspense movies, more commonly known as thrillers, have been an important part of the film industry since its inception. The genre remains one of the most popular ones even today, with countless thrillers coming out each and every year. And thanks to platforms like Netflix, you can easily watch them from the comfort of your own home at any time. With that in mind, today we’re going to take a look at what we believe to be the best suspense movies on Netflix as of 2018.


Part 1: Top 15 Best Suspense Movies on Netflix You Might Like

The Road

The Road is a movie adaptation after the 2006 Cormac McCarthy novel of the same name. What makes this one of the best suspense movies on Netflix is the realism of the post-apocalyptic landscape portrayed in the film. Also noteworthy is the emotional dynamic between the two main characters who are trying to survive in this devastated world.


This was arguably one of the best suspense movies on Netflix in 2016 that were released exclusively on the platform. The premise is quite unique as it follows the story of a deaf writer living in seclusion in the woods. Nothing special so far but the atmosphere quickly changes when the writer is faced with a masked killer and must now fight for her life.

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game is inspired by real-world events and stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the famous computer scientist Alan Turing. Turing is known for his massive contributions in this field but what most people don’t know is that he also played an important role in thwarting the Nazis during WWII. The Imitation Game focuses entirely on Turing’s work during that time.

Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game was one of the best suspense movies on Netflix in 2017, which isn’t all that surprising considering this is an adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. That’s not to say all Stephen King adaptations have been great because there were some duds over the years, but Gerald’s Game is definitely among the good ones.

The Departed

You can’t really have a list of best Netflix suspense movies without including The Departed, can you? As one of the highest-rated thrillers of all time, The Departed Is easily one of the most well-known films in the genre. The movie was directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese and features a very impressive all-star cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Marin Sheen, and Alec Baldwin, to name just a few.


Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman team up in order to hunt down a serial killer who has a very unique way of murdering his victims. The killer chooses victims that he believes are the embodiment of the seven deadly sins, hence the name of the movie. Hands down of the best suspense movies on Netflix.

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense is infamous for having one of the most incredible twists in history. In hindsight, that shouldn’t be too surprising as the movie was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, whose movies become famous precisely thanks to their unexpected twists. His more recent work doesn’t really include that many twists but back in 1999 when The Sixth Sense came out the director was definitely at the top of his game.


This genre-defining thriller blew our minds in 1996 with its originality. It’s not surprising that the movie’s antagonist, Ghost Face, remains one of the most memorable horror icons even today and is right up there with Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers. The sequels aren’t too bad either but it’s the original that truly captured the imagination of viewers over two decades ago.

Donnie Darko

Only the absolute best suspense movies on Netflix can compete with Donnie Darko. This movie has an incredible premise that left viewers scratching their heads for years to come. It’s unclear even today if the events of the movie are playing entirely in Donnie’s head or if they are indeed real. Perhaps we’ll never truly know but that’s exactly why this movie is so memorable.

V For Vendetta

Few people know that V For Vendetta is actually based on a comic book series written by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. The comic books weren’t extremely popular when they came out in 1988 but the movie more than made up for that. The movie became so influential over the years that it even started a real-world movement known as Anonymous whose members often wear the Guy Fawkes mask.

The Wailing

The Wailing is perhaps less known than some of the other entries on this list but that’s not because it’s a bad movie. Quite the contrary. This was one of the best suspense movies on Netflix in 2016. Its lack of popularity is most likely due to the fact that it’s not an American movie but rather a South Korean one. Regardless, you’ll definitely want to check it out if you’re into scary thrillers.

The Cube

This cult-classic is the very definition of suspense. The entire movie takes place in a twisted system of rooms that look identical at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, the protagonists discover that every room actually contains different traps, each deadlier than the last.

The Village

M. Night Shyamalan returns with another entry on our list. The Village was considered inferior to the director’s previous work upon release but in hindsight, it’s easy to see that this is actually a pretty good movie all things considered even if it lacks the twists of The Sixth Sense.

L.A. Confidential

To say that L.A. Confidential is one of the best suspense movies on Netflix would be an understatement. Similar to The Departed, you have an all-star cast featuring Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kim Basinger, and Danny DeVito, among others. Need I say more?

The Hateful Eight

A list of the best Netflix suspense movies with an entry from Quentin Tarantino would just feel wrong. We went with The Hateful Eight as this is his most recent film but quite frankly you could go with any of his movies if you’re looking for spectacular thrills as that’s what the director is best known for. That, and over-the-top action of course.

Part 2: How to Download Best Suspense Movies on Netflix

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Part 3. How to Rip Netflix DVD Suspense Movies to Digital Formats

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Now you have got a better understanding of the best suspense movies on Netflix, how to download the best 2018 suspense movies from Netflix, and how to copy or rip Netflix movies for later backups. This post is of great importance to you when it comes to getting Netflix movies, episodes, or videos for offline play. Have fun!

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