How to Download Instagram Videos with DVDFab Video Downloader?

2021-09-01 22:10:57

As a popular picture and short video sharing application, Instagram has won hearts of millions of people around the world with its social networking focus and powerful and comprehensive features. If you are a video lover, high chance is that you may want to download your favorite videos created by influencers or stars you are following off this platform. Here comes the questions: how to download Instagram videos? To help you with that, we recommend you a program——DVDFab Video Downloader, an Instagram video downloader that has proven effective in downloading videos off 200 websites including Instagram.


 In the following article, I will show you how to install and use this program to download videos off Instagram.


Step 1 Download and install DVDFab Video Downloader


To answer the question how to download Instagram videos, you need to download the installer of this program first. It can be found in the product page of the official website. Click “Free Download”, and it will start downloading. After that, choose the directory or a location for storing the installer, and install it as instructed.



Step 2 Familiarize yourself with the layout of this program and adjust settings


To activate this Instagram video downloader, double click its icon on your desktop or click the icon on the start menu. Now before your eyes is the layout of this program. To make your operation easier, let’s take a look at its basic structure and understand primarily what these elements stand for.


As you can see, it composes two main parts, the left vertical rectangle bar, which we call “menu bar”, designed to include all videos you collect, download and categorize in your daily life;



the right spacious area, split from top to bottom into two parts, the title bar with four options which stand for “Settings”, “Minimize”, “Zoom” and “Close” respectively,




and the rest part for working area including a searching bar, a list of websites compatible with this downloader and a hot playlist.



That’s the basic introduction of this program. For further details, you can search relevant articles in our websites or explore them yourselves. Right now, let’s focus on our primary goal: to download videos off Instagram.


Before you use it to download videos off Instagram, the first priority should be to adjust the settings manually, an attempt to let the program adapt to your preferences and habits. Click the little triangle-shape option on the lower right corner, close to the “Minimum” option. Then, click “Settings” option on the drop-down list, and a dialogue box for changing settings will come up.



Think over how you want it to operate and adjust accordingly every item, especially the “Video Directory” and “Download Video” which represent the storage location of the installer file and video quality respectively.


Step 3 identify the target video and download it


This Instagram video downloader needs to know what you want it to download before it can be set in motion. Currently, you have two options available: first, paste the URL of the video in the search bar and click “Enter” on your keyboard.



Now there should be a download bar on your screen, which is also a signal that this video has been recognized and can be readily downloaded.



Second, open Instagram in your program by clicking its icon below the search bar. If you do this for the first time, it will remind you to log in or sign up. Type in the information it requires, like user’s name, phone number, password, and then the homepage of your Instagram will appear in front of your eyes.  Find the message in which the video you want to download is included, and open it.  The download bar mentioned before should appear now, and you are ready to take next step anytime.



To continue to download videos off Instagram, hover your mouse over the download bar, and click the “video” option on the drop-down list. Then the download process will get started immediately.


To check the progress, click “Downloads” in the left menu bar, you will see three basic elements, “Music”, “Video” and “Downloading”.  The first two represent downloaded videos while the third stands for videos being downloaded. Now your question how to download Instagram videos finally gets answered. That is to say, a complex of similar tasks such as how to download Videos off Facebook will not cause any trouble to you.


Step 4 Play video with in-built player


For those who prefer things to be simple, a separation between video downloader and video player could make them uncomfortable in their normal use of it. So, we made an upgrade by planting an in-built player, which can be used to play videos you downloaded or collected.


To play downloaded videos, click “Downloads” in the left menu bar, hit “Video” option, hover mouse over the right lower corner of your target video until a blue globe icon emerge. Click it and the video will be played by the player while the present interface will also be replaced by the player interface.



To play videos collected or added in the left menu bar, click a playlist title in the “Created Playlists”, for example, move your mouse at the right end of the title of the video you want to play, and click the triangle-shape button. Then, the video will be played by the in-built player.



Other tips and suggestions


Both video and audio play an important part in our daily life, feeding our various needs ranging from entertainment and online learning. If you have any problem with audio download, you can turn to DVDFab YouTube to MP3, a sister product of DVDFab Video Downloader, which can be used to download videos form more than 200 websites and convert videos to audios.


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