The Best Solution to Download YouTube Videos on Mac

2021-09-01 22:10:57

This is a world where people can not live without watching or posting videos. And YouTube has been one of the largest and the most popular social websites in the world. You can find almost everything you like about it: music clips, full-length movies, educational videos, etc. Watching online YouTube videos has been an enjoyable thing for most of us. However, some people have found it difficult to enjoy YouTube videos when the internet is poor, or even when they can not reach WIFI. So a question is frequently asked by people: how to download YouTube videos on Mac for offline watching? Unfortunately, the YouTube content is available only online as the download feature is not provided by its creators. Yet, you can still save YouTube videos to your Mac computer with the help of a third-party tool.

Thanks to the development of techniques, many tools are reachable to help you download YouTube videos on Mac for offline watching. Here we would like to recommend you one of the best one for you. It is called DVDFab Video Downloader.

DVDFab Video Downloader aims to provide the best video downloading service for users. So this YouTube video downloader software for Mac supports people to download videos not only from YouTube but also from the other 1000 social websites. Besides, designed as customer-oriented, this video downloader software is easy to be handled for both professional and non-professional persons.

What features does this software have?

Feature 1: Assure high-quality video downloading

Video resolution is a factor that influences people’s viewing feeling. The higher, the better. DVDFab Video Downloader assures users to download high-quality videos. No doubt.

Feature 2: Provide fast downloading speed

There is no doubt that this YouTube downloader for Mac software, designed with a turbo-speed button, can guarantee fast downloading speed for users.

Feature 3: Download a whole playlist

Do you find it troublesome to download a bunch of videos one by one? If so, then this feature can perfectly solve your problem as you can download a whole playlist with the help of it.

Feature 4: Auto-download from subscribed YouTube channels

I bet you never want to miss out on those updated videos of your subscribed channels. No problem! Because this best video downloader software for Mac has the capability of automatically downloading the videos from your subscribed channels.

Feature 5: Offer highly customizable service

This free video downloader software for Mac had put the control right in your hand as it is highly customizable. Let me give you some examples. You can select a language among the multiple ones it supports. You can set an output directory. And you can pick up a video resolution you like.

Feature 6: Download metadata information of a video

The metadata information includes more than just the video itself. For example, the artist of the video, the released year of it, etc., are all contained in it. Hence, if you want to know more about the video, go for the metadata information.

Are you attracted by all of the features? Though this YouTube video downloader for Mac is powerful, no difficulty will be met when you use it. Only some clicks of the mouse are needed. Now, let’s dive in and check out the steps of saving YouTube videos on Mac.

How to download YouTube videos on Mac?

Step 1: Get this best YouTube video downloader for Mac software

To figure out how to download YouTube videos on Mac for offline watching, the first thing to do is downloading and installing the DVDFab Video Downloader on your PC, like always.

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Step 2: Locate a to-be-downloaded YouTube video

Two ways are offered when you search for a video in preference. The first way is to open the YouTube website on the browser looking for a video you like. The most important thing is to copy its URL to the searching area of this best free YouTube video downloader for Mac. The second way is to use the explore of the video downloader and find YouTube, and then search it.

Step 3: Play this video after locating

Once you have located the video you are into, please click to play it with a built-in player of this YouTube video downloader for Mac. As a result, you will see a downloading arrow appearing on the left side.

Note: In addition to the downloading button, you may have noticed the other four options. We are glad to explain them to you.

The “Like” button: once you click it, the playing video will be added into the Liked Songs list on the left column.

The “Add to Playlist” button: when you tap on it, the playing video will be saved on a playlist you created.

The “Play Next” button: if you don’t like this video, you can hit on this button for the next one.

Step 4: Start downloading YouTube videos on Mac

Here comes the last step. While you clicking that “Download” button, a panel shows up asking to select a video resolution you want. After selecting one, don’t forget to click that download button. And then the video will start downloading.

Note: To check out the downloading process, you can head to the “Downloading” button on the left column. And make sure that that turbo-speed button is turned on to obtain a fast downloading speed.

Bottom Line

Up to now you have grasped the main features and the key steps of downloading YouTube videos on Mac. If you still want to know more knowledge related to downloading streaming videos on Mac, please feel free to click here.

① Download online videos from YouTube and other 1000+ sites
② Choose your preferred resolution to download, up to 8K
③ Download entire playlist instead of downloading one by one
④ Support turbo-speed feature to download 10X faster
⑤ Download the metadata information to go with the videos