How to Make Your Own DVD Disc

2021-07-02 05:52:30

Do you have the need to convert your personally collected videos into standard DVD format and possibly then burn them onto blank DVD discs? If this turns out to be possible, then you will be able to save a lot of money on buying movie DVDs, as you can burn your own DVDs at home.

Then, here comes the question: how to make a DVD? To that target, a DVD authoring tool is a must-have tool that is able to convert all kinds of videos into DVD format and burn it onto a blank DVD disc. This is why DVDFab DVD Creator is here to help you with that subject. Check this tip to see how to make a DVD.

Step 1: Load your own videos

Speaking of how to make a DVD, the first step will be running DVDFab 12, choose the Creator module, and load the videos you want to create to a DVD disc or digital file. Or just drag those videos into the main interface as instructed on the main interface.

Step 2: Choose DVD creator

Go to the mode switcher on the top left corner to choose the DVD Creator mode to make your own DVD disc.

Step 3: Customize your DVD

Knowing how to make a DVD is not enough. Customizing your DVD also plays a great role. Now you can customize your DVD in your way. You can choose the audio tracks and subtitles you want and you can also click the “wrench” icon to customize your settings. At the Advanced Settings panel, you are able to choose the output as DVD-9/5. And you can customize the video menu by clicking the Set Menu button. 

Step 4: Select a directory

Move to the bottom of the main interface to select an output directory. To burn the videos to a DVD disc, you should select your optical drive in the drop-down list box as the directory; to convert the video to a DVD folder, you should click the “Folder” icon to select a directory; to convert the video to an ISO file, you should click the “Image” icon to select a directory.

Step 5: Start the conversion process

Here comes the final step of how to make a DVD. Click the “Start” button to start the process of burning videos to a DVD.


1. At the menu section, you can click on the text to directly edit the font, size, and color, and you can also click on a certain decoration to relocate it.

2. You can click the Image Edit button to change the background image for the selected menu.  

As said, it’s just that easy!

The software you need: DVDFab 12

The product you need order: DVD Creator

For more information on how to make a DVD, please go to the DVDFab DVD Creator page.

For more details about DVD burning software for Windows 10, click here.

① Produce studio-level home DVDs out of all formats of videos
② Burn the created DVDs to blank discs or save as ISO files/folders
③ Support all types of blank discs like DVD±R and DVD±RW
④ Offer multiple sets of beautifully crafted menu templates
⑤ Support GPU hardware acceleration to convert much faster